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Hello, dear friend

May be we don't know each other yet. But you've found our project and it means you are interested to know who we are and what we do. The same way friends do. 

Here, in a small hotel for a tree apartments, we give people place to heal the soul from the horror they passed through.


Klymivka it's not just the hotel. There are 15 hectares of land, 5 hectares of lake, farm’s animals, fields of wild herbs and people have been working here for many years.


We are Dasha and Sergiy -  a family of Ukrainian farmers with active civic position.


24th of February we woke up in the country with hostilities and from that time Klymivka turned into the refugee and rehabilitation center.



Despite ongoing hostilities, we have big plans:

  • Give a stay for more refugees,

  • Harvesting

  • Farm development

  • Keep working places

  • Start children's camp.

And of course one day we would like to meet you at our farm. So you can see the beauty and feel  hospitality of Klymivka. It's our dream and every day we do everything possible to bring the Victory and Peace closer.


We invite you to be a part of this Victory. Every help is important:

1. You can share the link of this page with your friends and tell them more about Klymivka farm.

2. Or you can supporting the project on regular basis. For your convenience we have created charity pages ⬇️.

DSC07724 2.JPG



Crop, farm's animals, fish and bees need a lot of care during the whole year.




Every day we have at least 12 refugees staying with us.


We provide accommodation, food and our hospitality for them for free.


Once a month we will send you the email with a small report about out activity.

Subscribe us if you want to get these letters.

Thank you!

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